About Us

Who are we


Our league has been started by experienced varsity coaches and dedicated parents that believe you should have a choice in your child's sports experience.  

The USA Football Program


We believe in the philosophy of USA Football and the Suffolk County PAL.  Children should not be made to hit each other before they have been taught the proper techniques and fundamentals of our game.  No other sport throws children right into the highest level of action and we believe that we should not either.  Our program follows a 3 step process:  5 and 6 year olds will learn the fundamentals of the game and have fun playing flag football without the worry of hitting each other.  At 7 and 8 players will progress to the rookie tackle program with 8 man teams and modified rules.  After they have mastered basic skills and safe hitting techniques, they will progress to regular 11 man football. 



Our dedicated coaches are available year round.  We will be running periodic, free clinics and off season training to all members of our league. 

Board Members

President: Joe Dispigno

Vice President: Eric Outlaw

Player Agent: John Parks

Secretary: Danielle Outlaw

Treasurer: Deanna Harding

Fundraising Chairperson: Chris Peterson

Trustee: Jim Quinn

Safety Officer: Scott Gerbasio

Coaches Rep: Kris Laudone